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elearning day
  • 2023-24
Kristin Vogel

During the school year, South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo Schools) may enter into an e-learning day (extended learning day) due to bad weather or other situations in which school cannot be held in-person. In 2017, the Minnesota Legislature created the opportunity for schools to hold e-learning days. This is not related to COVID-19.  

Before an e-learning day:

If a weather event is forecast, schools will do their best to prepare students by sending them home with their devices or needed materials.

During an e-learning day:

Families will receive notice of an e-learning day through an automated phone call, email and/or text message with at least two hours notice prior to the school start time. Teachers will be available online and by phone.

  • Day 1 - Learning activities are posted in Schoology for grades 6-12; and grades K-5 may be instructed to either log into SeeSaw or choose a lesson from a paper activity sheet. Students will check and complete assignments and interact with teachers on their own schedule.
  • Day 2 and beyond - Secondary (middle and high school) students will connect and interact with their teacher and classmates through a live video conference with a set schedule for the day. This may also include logging into Schoology to complete assignments. Elementary students will be instructed to either log into SeeSaw or  choose a lesson from a paper activity sheet.

Families with limited access to home internet should inform their child’s teacher so modifications can be made for assignments. Students with disabilities, as required under Chapter 125A, will have assignments designed to meet the needs of IEP/504 plans. Early in the academic year, the key stakeholders (case manager, parent, teacher and student) will collaborate to create the plan in an IEP meeting, other face-to-face meetings or through email.

As a reminder, not all school closures will be designated as an e-learning day. If an e-learning day is called, families will receive an automated phone call, email and/or text message at least two hours before the regular school start time.

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