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Incorporating Student Voice and Perspectives in SoWashCo Schools

Student Ambassadors
  • 2022-23

District Ambassadors from all grade levels throughout SoWashCo Schools share their perspectives.

Student Ambassadors

The voices of South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo Schools) District Youth Ambassador Council (DYAC) play an important role in our school district’s decision-making process.

District leadership meets monthly with student ambassadors to gather input and feedback and to incorporate student voice and perspectives from all our schools and grade levels from across the district.

Some of the projects the ambassadors participated in this school year include:

  • SoWashCo Schools new Strategic Plan

  • Provided feedback on the Achievement and Integration Plan

  • Shared their perspective with Teaching and Learning about the High School Redesign and Elementary Student Experience

  • A tour of the District Service Center

  • Feedback about the integration of  technology in our classrooms

  • Input about new menu items that will be offered in Nutrition Services

What is your favorite thing about being a student ambassador on the DYAC? 

Tyson: “One reason I like being a student ambassador is because I feel like we have power in our school.”

Anna: “My favorite thing about being an ambassador is hearing what goes on in all the other schools in the district.”

Mady: “Food, Mrs. Hagebock and communication.”

Micah: “My favorite part about being a student ambassador is that we can help contribute to the school rules and ideas.”

Eden: “ My favorite part about being a student ambassador is getting to address problems that the adults don't get to see, and being the voice for my peers.”

Keimanni: “For me, it's meeting new people.”

Helen: “I like to be a student ambassador because I like to meet new people.”

Jonathan: “My favorite part about being a student ambassador is meeting new people.”

Emee: “I like being able to make change in the school system and learning about all the great things the district is doing.”

Felipe: “I like how DYAC has helped develop a strong sense of leadership and communication and helped inspire me to pursue other leadership positions.”

Illiya: “ I like that I get to help make school a better place.”

Anna: “One reason why I like being an ambassador is knowing I earned the spot I'm in and that everyone else here has that feeling.”

Avery: “It is a great opportunity to advocate for others.”

Avery: “Knowing what goes on in other schools.”

Domnic: “Making sure everyone has a voice that can be heard.”

Patricia: “My favorite part is being able to give input on the district.”

Mariam: “I like being able to contribute to the diversity of the group who voices their concerns and inputs.”

Sophia: “My favorite part of being a student ambassador is meeting other student ambassadors who are also helping to make our district better.”

Illiya: “I love trick or treating!” (Visiting offices in the District Service Center, where students can often find treats).

Mady: “I love food.”

Malaya: “ I  get to make the Woodbury schools a better place.”

Tomi: “ Having the opportunity to positively influence the future of our schools, connect with  students district-wide and be a representative for all students!”

Mady: “I like meeting people and getting to feel helpful.”

Avery: “I love the connections I get to make.”

Greatness: “Helping to make my school and maybe even other schools better.”