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new student grey cloud
  • 2023-24
Kristin Vogel
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International Students’ Day is Friday, Nov. 17. The goal of this day is to highlight the importance of education for all students and to work towards the goal that every child in the world has access to education wherever they are. 

In the last 90 days, SoWashCo Schools has welcomed 84 students who are new to the country. These new students come to us from across the globe from Laos, Honduras, Tanzania, India, Ukraine, Kuwait and many others.

International students can face several challenges such as cultural differences and language barriers. To help these students overcome some of their obstacles, SoWashCo Schools offers language integration programs (English Learner/EL), access to community resources and support and focuses on building nurturing relationships in the classroom.

new student grey cloud

EL teacher Melissa Craig and Tech Support Specialist Chengkou Tongkhuya wrapping their support around a student who is new to the country on his second day at Grey Cloud Elementary.

By providing an inclusive and supportive educational environment, we not only offer our international families tools to build their lives in America, but also enrich our own communities. The diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that international students bring contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive learning environment. 

Let us celebrate International Students’ Day with a commitment to creating a world where everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected in their school community. 

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