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Students’ Talent on Display at Elementary Art Show
  • 2022-23
Inam Mahfuz

SoWashCo Schools Elementary Art Show is on display at the District Service Center.

South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo Schools) art teachers celebrated the opening night of the Elementary School Art Show this week.

Each elementary school selected the artwork of 10 students and showcased their unique creations at the SoWashCo District Service Center.

The exhibition is free and is open to the community through April 20.

“It is the art show’s 13th year and is a fun way for the community to celebrate the achievements of the amazing students,” said

Tess Soucheray, Cottage Grove Elementary’s art teacher. 

The exhibition features a combination of drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Each student was awarded a certificate and a badge identifying them as a featured artist. 

“My brain is ready to explode,” said Odin Gosnell, a second grader at Woodbury Elementary School. “I am very excited and happy. This is the first art show I have participated in, so it is a great feeling.” 

“It feels amazing. I can't believe my artwork is selected, and I am a featured artist!” gushed Christov Angeles, a fifth grader at Grey Cloud Elementary School.

The young artists, with their proud parents and teachers, had fun snapping pictures at a vibrant photo booth, created by teachers to make the event more memorable for their students. 

“I am always in awe of the kids,” said Stacie Totzke, Woodbury Elementary’s Art teacher. “They do not have as many inhibitions as adults. They just create from the heart. Learning about the kids, their differences, and what makes them special are some of the things I love about being a teacher.” 

The student's passions, likes and dislikes were reflected in their art. 

“My artwork is called the unplugged cottage,” said Elsie Garcia, a fifth grader at Grey Cloud Elementary. “I always wondered what life was like for people back then when they didn't have electricity. This is something that inspired my art.” 

Anabelle Truman, a fourth grader at Woodbury Elementary School, titled her artwork Japan. 

“I find inspiration in the beautiful blossom trees in Japan,” she said. “I love bright colors and festivals. I wanted to draw a Japan that

was very bright and vibrant.” 

Blake Arnold, a first-grader at Red Rock Elementary, said he loves to draw dragons and make artistic creations with his grandma.”  

“I love art because it allows me to bring out my passions and how I feel every day,” said Jacob Maguire, a fifth grader at Middleton

Elementary. “When I start drawing, it helps calm me down and bring out all my emotions."

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