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Elementary School Spring Choir Concert
  • 2022-23
Inam Mahfuz

Crestview and Hillside elementary schools came together to perform in the “Spring into Music” choir concert at Park High School.

Elementary Choir Concert

Students from Crestview Elementary School (CES) and Hillside Elementary School (HES) came together on May 2 to perform in the “Spring into Music” choir concert at Park High School.

More than 100 students in grades four and five performed eight songs in an auditorium packed with families and staff. 

“We haven't had a choir for a few years because of COVID, so it was nice to have a group performing again,” said Shelby Ferry, Choir Director at CES. 

The students have practiced in their schools once a week since January for the eight-song performance. Three songs were performed in other languages. “Tuimbe (Let There be Music)” was performed in Swahili and English. “Viva La Musica,” was performed in Spanish. “When We Sing” was performed with American Sign Language. 

“It was nice to have two smaller schools paired together to make a bigger choir so that they could do a bit more of the challenging music,” said Shelby.

“I loved learning a bunch of new songs,” said Rebecca Coursolle, a student in grade five at HES.

“I used to have stage fright, but I got over it,” said Rachael Fasha Kin, a student in grade four at CES. “Now I like singing in front of a big crowd and am comfortable performing on stage.” 

Merrik Rosati, a student in grade five at HES, said he listens to a lot of music.

"It just gets me really pumped up," he said “I think I might become a musician when I grow up.”

Most students echoed that they loved the experience of meeting elementary school students from another school, becoming friends through music and performing in front of a large audience.

“I have seen them grow with their music,” said Megan Chopard-Boge, Choir Director at HES. “You could see in their excitement that they are proud of their hard work.”

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