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whs el students
  • 2023-24
Kristin Vogel
core value equity


whs el students

Featured: Mya Davenport, Kum Roy, Wen Hao Liu, Grace Her, Feras Younes, Salma Shaaban, Lalise Kedir, Sabona Jara


Every year Danielle Bucchino helps students prepare for their next steps in life after high school. Bucchino teaches English Learner (EL) students at Woodbury High School (WHS).

While helping her students prepare their resumes and cover letters for higher education and careers, Bucchino noticed that many of her students didn’t have any mention of their volunteering experiences. 

Bucchino said many of her EL students face barriers when it comes to attending after-school activities and events.

“I have found that our multilingual students have limited opportunity to volunteer in their communities due to various obstacles like transportation and time constraints,” Bucchino said. 

Bucchino took action and found an opportunity for her students to participate in a volunteer activity during school hours at nearby Woodbury Lutheran Church.

Bucchino and Bradford Johnson, an EL paraprofessional, obtained title 3 van licenses to be able to transport 17 students to the church to volunteer. The students portioned and packed meal ingredients for Feed My Starving Children. The students helped pack a year's worth of meals for 77 children in need. 

By removing time restraints and the transportation barrier these students were able to give back while building their resumes for continuing their education and starting careers.

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